Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A few more remarks to make on today's class.

"Organization emerges from nowhere but communication." I like this notion,and the idea of "emerge" in particular.We've been talking about the formation of the organizational vision: Where does it come from? Does the leader conceive it on his/her own or is it resulted from the interaction between the leader and the followers? I think one thing we need to keep in mind when addressing this kind of questions is the numerous types of organizations and leadship there can be.Leadership is so inclusive a concept that sometimes it's easy to overlook its nuances in meaning when used in different contexts.Again, definition matters.

Literally, every organzation presents a unique picture. The way vision is formed varies accordingly as variables such as organizational purpose and members'expectation of organizational effectiveness change.To have a clearer sense of the nature of the organization under discussion (which serves as the basis of further analysis) ,it might be a good idea to begin with questions like "why do people join this organization in the first place?" As some of you have pointed out in class, sometimes people choose to join a group and follow a certain leader because they share his/her professed vision. More often this happens to informal organizations and grass-root leaders.

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